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Wellcome to "hotels-for-smokers.com"!


Smokers who  travel a lot, whether on vacation or on business know the problem: Where can I smoke here? Who ever had the experience to stand in cold and drizzling rain after breakfast, while paying a rate, where maximum of comfort should be guaranteed, knows what I mean .

Worldwide, there are a confusing flood of laws and legislative changes that regulate smoking. But in most cases, smokers convenience is in the decision of the hotel management.  But some of them ignore the requirements of their smoking guests even in a way, that they do not inform you about the harassments, people will face in their house. 

So we got the idea to collect all information, smokers need when they travel on one webpage. Hotels for smokers does not only offer smoker friendly hotels but also restaurants, pubs, bars and discos where smokers are welcome. Also we can provide much information you will need on vacation or traveling like airport, train and rental cars or simply where you can purchase tobacco cheapest. Around the world.

Because we got cooperation with all leading travel companies, you can expect not only a good service but best prices as well.

Just choose your destination on the left hand menu and find smoker friendly hotels, nice restaurants, bars and all travel information you need.

What we would like to ask you, is to give back a little bit back from what you got from other smokers. Please tell us about your travel experience after your trip and help us to keep information actual.